Sarah Horne



Digital Intern at The

Jan. 2019- April 2019 | Washington D.C.
  • Managed high-profile guest, such as David Yost and Rudy Giuliani
  • Assisted with overall production of the shows “Rising” and “What America’s Thinking”.
  • Content producer and researcher on national politics.

Chief Marketing Officer at Adobe Students

April. 2019- May 2020 | Athens, OH
  • Manager for all Adobe sponsored marketing and promotion at Ohio University
  • Lecturer coordinator and presenter for all Adobe sponsored workshops (Three events)
  • Manager and designer for social media posts and promotion
  • Coordinated event across multiple organizations

Communications Assistant at The RTT Collaborative

May. 2019- May 2020 | Athens, OH
  • Manager for all communication aspects of the RTT Collaborative.
  • External communication with other non-profits,
  • Manage and created social networking group for medical residents
  • Manage all social platforms and website
  • Producer for newsletters and annual manuals

Digital Managing Editor at The New Political

April. 2019- Dec 2019 | Athens, OH
  • Award-winning, independent, student-run, digital-first publication
  • Executive manager for all digital content, promotion, and website (20 staffers)
  • Involved in executive decision making and staff development for publication
  • Increased digital social media plan from sporadic to daily content
  • Manger for Athens Happens podcast
  • Manger and co-producer for award-finalists video series
  • Host of gubernatorial, election night livestream

Vice President at The Society of Professional Journalists 

April. 2019- Dec 2019 | Athens, OH
  • Best Society of Professional Journalists campus chapter for forth consecutive year 2018-2019
  • Involved in executive decision making and staff development for publication
  • Mentor members through their journalism education
  • Head coordinator speaker events with National Geographic and The Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Critical thinking, and strategize for weekly events
  • Managed social media and mass communications
  • Grant recipient and attendant at Excellence in Journalism National Conference in 2018

Digital Intern/Entertainment writer at The Cincinnati Enquirer/

May. 2019- July 2019
  • Worked alongside digital managers; learned about organizing content and SEO
  • Created digital content the form of videos and multimedia (about 15)

Breaking News Intern at The Cincinnati Enquirer/

Dec. 2018- Jan 2019
  • Reported on and published breaking news stories on the website and in the newspaper (about 15)
  • Reported local news on crime, transportation, money, entertainment.

Other Positions:

    • Public Relations for Scripps in D.C.
    • Digital Editor at The New Political
    • Design Editor at The New Political
    • Secretary at The Society of Professional Journalists
    • Freelance photographer and writer for The Athens News (Front page photo)
    • News Reporter for The New Political
    • Attorney for Ohio University Mock Trial
    • English tutor for Paper Airplanes (International tutoring service for those impacted by the Syrian Refugee Crisis)
    • Creator and blogger for Type A Tactics 
    • Freelance meditation producer for Prana Heart (Meditation company)


E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University

  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism | August 2017 – May 2020 | GPA 3.8
    • Major: Journalism News and Information
    • Minor: Psychology
    • Specialty: Visual Communications


  • Dean’s Scholar
  • SPJ Excellence in Journalism grant recipient
  • Outstanding Staffer award at The New Political
  • Scripps Howard/Lewis Scholarship
  • SPJ region 4 Online/Digital Feature Videography finalist

Management Skills:

Executive decision making | Leadership | Crisis Management | Strategy | Mass communications management | Organization | Social media management | Event planning | Financial management | Staff development

Production Skills:

Adobe InDesign | Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe Spark Pages/Posts | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Bridge | Basic Adobe Photoshop | Final Cut Pro | WordPress | basic HTML coding | On-air hosting | Photography | Interactive and multimedia |Magazine Production | Data visualization | Infographics | Graphics | Micing | Script writing | Investigative reporting | News reporting | Research | Feature writing | Excel

Noteworthy educational experiences:

  • Study Abroad in Northern Ireland with a course in Law, Justice, and Culture
  • Studied abroad in Ecuador with courses in Journalism Special Topics and Biology Internship
  • Georgetown University Summer Session classes in macroeconomics and world history
  • Scripps in D.C. with courses in journalism and visual communications
  • Memorial Voices in Washington D.C. course

Social Media Presence 

Facebook: /sarahmariehorne

Twitter: @SarahxHorne

Instagram: sarah.m.horne

Linkedin: Sarah Horne

YouTube: Sarah Horne